A Message from the Principal



Dear Family Leaders:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another exciting school year in “the village”. Please know that you and the children are an integral part of our creating a legacy as a global model of African-centered teaching and learning. There is an African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Together, we will work to ensure our scholars make great gains both academically and socially. Their ultimate success will be our future legacy!

Our aim is to ensure that every child receives rigorous instruction with the goal of every scholar achieving no less than 100% mastery in all subjects. We believe our children can reach the goal set before them and with our collective support, they can achieve greatness! Our curriculum, aligned with the Common Core standards, is infused with monthly themes to enrich our scholars’ historical knowledge and cultural understandings. Last year, we adopted a new reading series and our students’ scores improved greatly! This year, we have invested in adopting a new math series to ensure that the school’s math scores improve school-wide. We are continuing to upgrading our technology by adding Smart boards and greater access to tablets in the classroom. We believe that this will greatly impact the learning environment at KNA for differentiation and increased student achievement.

Our school-wide student code of conduct (SCC) is based upon restorative practices seated in the virtues of Ma’at and the Nguzo Saba. It is essential that our children know and understand these principles and how they apply to their daily lives. This will help them develop into critical “thinkers of great thought and leaders nurtured to lead” (Dr. Kwame Nkrumah). Please review the Student Code of Conduct, the Virtues of Ma’at and the Nguzo with your children listed inside the Village Family Handbook and online at www.kwamenkrumahacademy.org under the Parent Resources tab.

As always, your presence, feedback and support is greatly appreciated! Please maintain frequent and ongoing communication with your child’s teacher(s) and access the CPS Parent Portal to monitor his/her academic and social progress.

With all of the schools you could have chosen, we are grateful that you elected KNA as partner in the academic and social/emotion development of your children. On behalf of the Board, administration, faculty and staff, I thank you for your commitment and support as we unite to create a rich legacy with the well-being of “our” exquisite children at the center of our efforts!

Service with love and gratitude,

Mama Monique Whittington


Ubuntu’ I am because we are!